Nostalgic Post, Last Post-6/26/15

The top five lessons I learned from this class include: Consumer marketing and social media, mooks and midriffs stereotypes, how important reading the news is, WordPress and blogging, and better photography for my Flickr account. I have had experience in yearbook, journalism, photography, newspaper, and Photoshop, so I am familiar with most of the topics we discussed in this class. However, everything we talked about and learned was always interesting and I saw it from a different point of view. I loved that I could hear all of my classmates opinions and thoughts. Also, I never really knew how much marketing is put into social media and what a mook or midriff even was. I’m glad we use sites like WordPress and Flickr because I will be using them for the rest of my life now. I met my goal of learning more about media literacy and multimedia and storytelling.

From my HIV/AIDS class, I learned so, so much about HIV and AIDS. At first, I thought the class was going to be super boring, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever had. It definitely opened my eyes to the danger of it and how it affects the rest of your life. We also tied into sex education a little bit and we tied condoms into our lessons quite often. My class was super fun and I will never forget my professor or Bob Hooker, an AIDS victim. I learned how you can become infected, what it does to your immune system, how you have to live with HIV/AIDS, how it has affected societies across the world, and how you can prevent it.

Coming to HSI, I have grown so much, socially and mentally. I learned so much about everybody and myself. I was definitely pulled out of my comfort zone and overcame several fears. Such as, going to Vedauwoo to conquer my fear of rock climbing. It was probably my favorite part of HSI and I am so glad I went. Also, I have learned to be more independent, confident, and outgoing. I’m so grateful for my two professors for teaching me new things and being a huge part of my HSI experience.

If it wasn’t for HSI, I would be much less prepared for college and growing up. I have met so many different people and learned how to work with all of them. Going around campus helped me to become more familiar with my surroundings and it will be easy to come here for college. Coming here will be like I never left and will feel super comfortable. Even though my roommate left the first week, I still had the experience of having one and what to expect for college. I also got to know what a college class is like and how it is to balance school, your social life, sleeping, and all of your other activities and routines.

If I could re-live HSI, I would come the first week and be more outgoing and less shy. I would hang out with people more and sign up for more activities. Also, I would tell people things that maybe I am still to shy to say. I would re-live HSI any day, if I could. I’m going to miss this so much and I will carry these memories with me forever. It is just crazy how fast these three weeks flew by. If I could re-live these past three weeks, I might also have spent less time observing other people and writing in my journal and actually going out to socialize.

“What did you do?” That will probably be the question I will be asked the most. I wouldn’t even know where to began telling them about this incredible experience I’ve had. It’s not more of what I did do, but what I learned I guess. Even though they might not know what I am talking about, I will tell them every memory I can think of and tell them about all the intriguing people I met. Next year, I am going to tell all of the incoming sophomores about HSI and encourage them to apply for it. I’ll probably make a reference that has to do with HSI and everybody will be left wondering what I’m talking about.

These three weeks have been bittersweet and I am taking so many memories from it. I’m upset that it is already time to leave my new friends and this beautiful campus life. I would stay here forever if I could. Thanks to my professors, PC’s, and teammates for everything they have done. I hope to keep in touch with everybody.

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