Digital Media & Multitasking-6/23/15

I don’t usually multitask in any aspect of life, because I get distracted very easily. Most of the time, I can only focus on one thing at a time to learn the most out of what I am learning. At my school, it depends on the teacher if we are allowed to use social media during the class period. Sometimes I multitask by listening to music when I  am doing something. Music helps me focus, and I can enjoy the music without becoming distracted with other activities. Sometimes I listen to music while I read, and I somehow can hum along, but still comprehend what I am reading. I’m not sure how, but I do it.

When I am outside of school, I sometimes multitask, just so I can get things done faster. However, I only do it because I am not pressured by anything. I’m not learning information that I will later be tested on, or taking notes. If it is something that I think I can handle and won’t get stressed about, I could probably multitask. Most of my multitasking is done with media actually. I can be texting somebody while looking through my Instagram feed while singing to a song.

I can be effective at multitasking when I’m not under pressure. If it is at school, I try not to multitask because when I am doing one task, I might be missing something important somewhere else. At home, I am more relaxed, so I think if I multitask, I could do it more efficiently. I think after watching this film, it just reassured me that people can’t really multitask because their brain only focuses on one thing at a time. So, it just makes me feel like I shouldn’t multitask, even if I wanted to. If I multitask during school, I would probably miss valuable information because I wasn’t focusing on the topic.

Multitasking makes people more ignorant, I think. They block out certain things that may be important. As a society, I think people are wiring their brains to be constantly going too much, so it affects their brain because they can’t wind down at the end of the day. Why do people always need to be going and going all day long anyways? There’s nothing wrong with slowing down to take a look around and take in life. Life isn’t about worrying to text your friends back while cramming in for a test and making plans for tomorrow night. I don’t think there’s any beauty in multitasking because you are thinking so fast, you aren’t taking in life and observing important aspects in your life that are worth remembering. That didn’t really make sense, but I’m just saying that people should stop and look around and smell the flowers instead of rushing through tasks to get through their day.


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